#4 Be a Fine Wine – 52 weeks of Happiness

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It’s my birthday week. Yes, it lasts for at least 7 days. Yes, cake every day. Yes, my last year in my thirties has begun.

It’s causing a worry in my head. It comes from a throw away comment my Mum made about 15 years ago that has stuck with me. I’d been asking her whether I should be being more adult at 25. Her comment?

“I didn’t feel like a grown up till I was 40″

That was a relief then but as the years have ticked by and the big 4.0. looms closer that comment has featured in my head more and more often. My older sister hit 40 a year ago and, just like in all of life, I’m quick to follow her wherever she goes. It’s my last year before 40. What if if this is my last year of feeling like a child. What if, like my mum, I grow up…

“All Children, except one, grow up”
JM Barrie, Peter Pan 

Growing up? Will I still be allowed to wear shorts every day of the year? Will I be able to still pretend to ride a unicorn? Will I still be able to live by the seat of my shorts? Will I have to start taking life a bit more seriously? Tone down the colour and the sound? Start to work rather than play?

Every time these worries creep in I think back to similar thoughts before my 30th birthday. And what happened then? I feel like my life started in my 30s. It’s when I totally came alive. It seems that since that birthday that life has got better each and every day. I’m still able to run around with the youngsters and a smile is nearly always on my face. Much like a fine wine I was ageing well.

Apparently “1979 is a very good vintage. Good growing conditions produced rich, full bodies.”  Full bodied after all the cake and rich in hugs.

Of course there have been periods when I haven’t felt super ace, but if I used my Maths degree to calculate the “mean happiness” I know it would be way above my school years or 20s.

So in that respect I hold my head high excited about what this next year will hold and what my 40s will bring. Who know’s what is in store. As we get older we know ourselves better and accept who that person is more. We are also all super double lucky to get to know more and more insanely awesome people. We have the ability to make more magic happen every year that passes by and that is pretty super cool!

Birthdays are celebrated because the next year is going to be even more awesome. Not because we made it.

If you feel yourself ageing, and becoming an adult, make the decision to age like a fine wine rather than getting sour and smelling of vinegar, moth balls and dirty bloomers!

And maybe my hero, JM Barrie, was wrong just this once. Maybe there are two children who’ll never grow up. Or maybe a lot more than two!!



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