#6 Choose Your People – 52 weeks of Happiness

We already chatted about how powerful and positive your smile can be on Week 3. But what about you? Surely you deserve to have smiles shining upon you too. They in turn make you smile on the inside and the outside and generally make you feel awesome. So this week’s blog is about choosing the people you hang out with wisely.

We have friends from all walks of our lives. From our work, schools, uni, sports clubs, pubs and probably one or two from social media. Sometimes we hold onto friends in the same way we might have held onto a comfort blanket as a child. Simply because it’s been around for a long time, we’ve invested in this relationship and maybe we feel there must be a valid reason we’ve held onto it for so long.

We’ve all had or still have those friends who take pleasure in belittling us, or who constantly talk negatively about their own lives and the lives around them. At some point you need to ask yourself if this is the right energy to have around you. go to site Happiness is contagious but so are all the other emotions. Of course even the best friend in the world is going to have bad days/weeks/months/years and that isn’t a reason to hit the metaphorical ‘unfriend’ button but you do also need to make sure you surround yourself at other times with those friends that bring a bit of zizzle into your world.

I’m very lucky to have a lot of groups of friends who I don’t always see all the time but who always put a smile on my face. That’s not coincidental – I think I’ve chased those friendships, and put myself in positions where these friendships occur (like going to Project Awesome). The ‘Choose Life‘ crew are the perfect example of people who can make any person around them smile. Just by bringing awesome energy and a twinkle in the eye.

Here’s a few tips to realising and finding friendships that add that bit of zizzle:

1)  Make sure you are seeing real people. Social media is such a massive force of nature that people are spending more and more time in worm holes trying to make sure their public persona is perfect. Get out and meet your ‘real’ friends!

2) Choose to do the things you love doing. If you like running around in nature then do it. The people you meet along the way will have those same wants and needs. If you keep going to bars to find the people you want to run around in nature with, you might have to wait a bit longer to meet your crew. Likewise if you love a few beers and a dance on a Saturday then running around in nature and jumping naked into freezing pools might not find your crew. Although ‘Choose Life’ do seem to excel at both.

3) Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to the things you don’t fancy doing or the people you don’t fancy seeing. You never see retirees doing stuff they don’t want to do – because they have a shorter period of time left and wasting that time would be silly. Personally I think having 60 years left to life is a short time for all the things I want to do so try and act like an 80 year old man every now and again.

Science dictates that we have the capacity to have 5 very close friends. 5 bffs. That’s really not many at all. Choose them carefully.