#7 Types of Happiness – 52 weeks of Happiness

I thought it was quickly worth looking at the types of happiness that most of us are striving for!

http://oostrum.biz/uncategorized/hello-world/ Stage 1: Things.

This is the happiness you get when you buy something new or receive something. I remember getting the iPhone 6 and being jolly happy with myself – for all of 2 days. After that it was my phone. Nothing more. Stage one happiness is very short lived.

http://southernoceanvillas.com/secotex-ocas-0-4-mg-para-sirve.pdf Stage 2: Comparison

Type two happiness comes when you do well, you get a promotion, you win a running race, someone tells you “hey you look great”. This is great – but this happiness is very precarious. There is always going to be someone better than you, even if you’re Usain Bolt, so eventually this happiness well diminish, fade and leave you feeling empty.

enter site Stage 3: Connecting

Type three happiness is the happiness that I like to focus on. One worth striving for. It’s the happiness of connecting with people and our planet. It’s meeting friends, it’s seeing the world, seeing new cultures, having new experiences. This happiness lasts in our mind and body.

Stage 4: Enlightenment

This is the highest form of happiness and is supposed to last indefinitely. If you have been there please write to me and help me get there.