Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week

BBC2 launched a new show where Special Forces from around the world came to the UK to put the fittest and toughest people in the UK through some of the hardest training known to man – their aim was to break the contestants physically or mentally. Danny was chosen as one of the contestants and was one of three who lasted the whole distance.

“I knew it would be hard but this was like nothing I’ve ever known,” Danny

Danny was portrayed as himself, a fun loveable, quirky tough guy. He was nicknamed ‘Flowers’ in the first show. This led to Danny being interviewed in BBC Breakfast amongst other shows and was featured in numerous magazine articles.

In the first episode Ray and Woody, US Navy Seals, come to put the contestants into the hurt locker!

“Everyone is going to suffer”

Brutal PT, being woken by smoke grenades and gun fire, freezing temperatures, are just some of the treats in store.

“Let’s do this until somebody quits”

where to buy Pregabalin in canada BBC2, Sunday’s 9pm from 30th August 2015